Unlike many Letting Agents, we are fussy about the properties that we take on, and the Landlords who own them!

We know that for you, this is your home ... and we never forget it.

Our Landlords want lovely Tenants who look after their properties and pay their rent,  and you want a nice home with an approachable Letting Agent and a good Landlord.  

You have found the right place at Fleur Lettings!

When our Tenants do look to move home, many of  them say that they would prefer to rent another property through us rather than another Letting Agent, and we really value that endorsement.

We want to help you find your perfect home that suits your budget, but our properties move really quickly, so keep an eye on our website so that you see when new properties are added!

You Will Like Us!

You will find us to be professional, caring and approachable, and we will look to resolve issues quickly so that you can continue to enjoy your home.

In return for this, we do expect our Tenants to pay their rent on time and to look after their home as if it were their own ... for example,  if you see a problem please let us know as soon as possible so that it doesn’t get worse and more costly for your Landlord.

If you have a problem paying the rent, please contact us before your rent is due, so that we can help you find a resolution. Your Landlord will probably have a mortgage to pay, so rent that fails to appear without any communication is worrying for them.  If you let us know first, along with how you intend to address the problem, your Landlord will be much happier.

Our Properties Are Rented Out Really Quickly!

Booking a viewing is simple!  As soon as you see a property you like, contact us!  

One of our lovely Team will call you back as soon as they can to chat to you and arrange a viewing.

Please see below for our Guide To Renting a property with us.

If you reserve a property, you will need to provide us with proof of your identity and proof of your current address, along with payslips or Tax Returns to confirm your income.  We will also obtain references from your employer or accountant and your previous Landlord, and Tenant Credit Check.  

Don‘t worry, we will help you with all of this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What references do you require?

You will need to provide us with your full Address History for the last three years, along with proof of Identity (eg passport or driving licence) and proof of your current address (eg Bank Statement or Utility Bill dated within the last 3 months)

We will complete a Credit Check on every Tenant.

We will also require a reference from your existing Landlord or Letting Agent (if you are currently renting).

For Proof of Income, we will require a written reference from your Employer, along with your recent Payslip and a Bank Statement showing that pay going into your account.   If you are self-employed, we will ask for an Accountant’s Reference, your most recent set of submitted Accounts, and your most recent Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews (your Accountant can help you with this).

There may be other information which is required, but we will let you know what we need and why we need it!

What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy?

You and your Landlord  will both sign a Lease which be in the form of an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agrrement. 

This is protected by law and means that you can stay in the property for the period of the Lease, provided that you meet all the obligations of the Lease).

If the landlord wishes to end your Tenancy at the end of the AST you will be given two months’ notice to quit the premises.

How often will the property be inspected?

We have an obligation to our Landlords to conduct regular inspections at your property.   These are normally every 4 months, and usually take no more than 15-20 minutes.

This helps us to make sure that the property is not in need of repair, and that you are looking after the property.  It is also a good opportunity for you to tell us of any concerns You have about the property.  

You will be given notification when an inspection is due to be conducted.

What happens if there is a maintenance issue?

In the event of maintenance being required please email us at the earliest possible time in order to minimise any problem that could subsequently arise. 

if it is urgent please add URGENT MAINTENANCE IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

An appropriate Contractor will be instructed by the Agent and dependent upon the nature and urgency of the task will respond accordingly. 

If you instruct your own Contractor, you may be liable for part or all of their charges. 

Simple precautionary procedures should be taken by the Tenant to prevent any additional problem arising e.g. turn off water at the stopcock, place buckets etc under any leak,  place towels around leak and wring our frequently.  If necessary, call the Water Board where the stop cock does not stop the leak and it is major, or the Gas Board if you smell gas.  

Can I have a pet?

We understand that a pet can be part of the family.

However, some Landlords are not allowed to have pets in their properties eg due to Management rules.

You cannot have any pets unless you have written permission from the Landlord or the Agent. 

You must with consult us BEFORE you commit to a pet, by submitting  a written request to the Agent including the Age, Type and Breed of the proposed pet.  

Your Landlord may accept your request, decline your request, or require an additional rent payment for the pet.

You will be fully responsible for the repair costs of any damage caused by your pet.

Do I need insurance?

YES! You should have your own contents insurance which should  also cover accidental damage to the Landlord’s contents, buildings, fixtures and fittings. The Landlord is responsible for insuring the building.

What deposit is required and how will I get it back?

The Deposit normally equates to 5 weeks’ rent (or 6 weeks’ rent if your rent is over £50,000 per annum).

Your Deposit  will be held throughout the Tenancy in a Government approved deposit scheme.  It will be returned at the end of your Tenancy subject to the property being left in a good condition, without  the need for any deductions due to damage beyond fair wear and tear.

You must not use the Deposit to pay the final month’s rent!

Our aim is to return your deposit as quickly as possible.

How is the rent paid?

As a Tenant you are responsible for paying your rent is paid in full and on time. 

Your usual rent day will be 1st of each month, so please make sure that it is received into our bank account in good time for this.

We will provide you with the correct Bank Account details, so please set up a Standing Order to pay your rent a few days before 1st of the following month.   You will need to cancel the standing order when your Tenancy ends.

Who is responsible for Council Tax and other bills?

Utility bills, including Council Tax are your responsibility unless stated otherwise in your Tenancy Agreement.

You will need to choose your supplier upon moving in and ensure accounts are closed when you vacate.

Please advise us if you change any supplier.

Property Redress Scheme - Complaints

If you do have a problem or a complaint, in the first instance please contact us and we will carefully discuss this with you to see how we can help.

If we sadly do not manage to resolve this to your satisfaction, please contact the Property Redress Scheme here PROPERTY REDRESS SCHEME - HOW IT WORKS

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the TENANT must …

the LANDLORD must …

Pay the Rent On Time If you don’t you could lose your home because you have broken your Tenancy Agreement. If you have problems, please contact us in advance so we can help you with a solution.

Maintain the structure of the property

Be considerate to your neighbours You could be evicted for anti-social behaviour if you are not.

Deal with any problems with water, electricity and gas supply (but not pay the bills) 

Avoid Condensation This is often a problem between Landlords and Tenants as it can cause mould. Make sure that you DO NOT leave wet clothes drying in the house (use a tumble dryer or take your items to a laundrette), make sure that the house is aired regularly, use the extractor fans in the kitchen and bathrooms (and open the window when in use). You will be provided with a document which gives you more details.


a) an annual Gas Safety Certificate by a Gas Safe engineer (where there are gas appliances at the property)

b) an Electrical Certificate

c) an Energy Performance Certificate


Keep the house safe Always lock windows and doors particularly when you are away from the house and at night.

Maintain any appliance and item of furniture they have supplied (but obviously the Tenant needs to look after these items carefully)

Insure your own belongings The Landlord’s insurance does not cover your items.

Insure the building 

Look after the property You MUST have the Landlord’s permission before attempting any repair or decorating.  Check the terms of your Tenancy Agreement for your responsibilities eg keeping the garden neat and tidy.

Give at least 24 hours’ notice of visits for eg repairs, inspections and viewings.  Whilst the Landlord or Fleurs Lettings cannot walk in whenever they like, if they believe there is an emergency they are NOT required to give any notice and can access the property.

NOT take in lodger(s) or sub-let without express written consent from your Landlord or Fleur Lettings.

Have relevant licences



AND you, THE TENANT, should

AND the Landlord will

Make sure that you know how to operate the boiler and other appliances and know where the stop cock, fuse box and meters are located.

Carry out most repairs, unless you have caused damage to the property beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Regularly test the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector – do this on 1st of every month.  These are checked prior to you moving in, but they become your responsibility during your Tenancy.

Fit smoke alarms on every floor and carbon monoxide alarms in rooms using solid fuel (eg coal and wood) or containing a gas boiler.  These are checked at the start of your tenancy.

Report any maintenance issues or other problems quickly to Fleur Lettings or your Landlord.  There will be a risk to your deposit if a minor repair turns into a major problem because you did not report it.   


Pay any Utility Bill, Council Tax, Communication Bill and TV Licence

 in full and on time





In order for your Landlord to return the Deposit to you as quickly as possible and minimise deductions, we want to let you know the process for your departure. Please can you :-

  • Confirm the date that you will be vacating the property (if before the end date of your Tenancy).
  • We need to know the date for the last person vacating!
  • Return ALL front door keys by RECORDED DELIVERY to FLEUR LETTINGS.  Please sellotape the keys to a piece of stiff cardboard.  Do NOT put the property address in the communication, but confirm your SURNAME.  If they are sent standard mail, we will not be held accountable for any loss of keys.  Please refer to your TENANTS TERMS AND CONDITIONS.  
  • Read your Tenancy Agreement very carefully, so that you can see your responsibilities with regard to cleaning the house, tidying the garden and the end date of your tenancy etc
  • REMEMBER that you must NOT offset your deposit against your last month’s rent!

In order to help you, here is a list of THINGS TO CLEAN AND THINGS TO DO:-

  • Kitchen Units – clean inside and out, including the knobs (inside with anti-bacterial cleaner)
  • Oven and Hob and Extractor – these need to be professionally cleaned
  • Fridge and Freezer – please empty and de-ice before you turn off; clean inside with anti-bacterial cleaner; turn off and leave the doors wedged open
  • Wash out the kitchen bin so that it is clean
  • Wash kitchen floor – do not leave it sticky!
  • Kitchen Sink & Taps – clean and leave without water marks
  • Kitchen Worktops – clean with anti-bacterial cleaner
  • Clean all skirting boards, light fittings, drawers and cupboards thoroughly inside and out to remove any bits and hair, throughout the house
  • Wash net curtains in cool water and hang out to dry; have other curtains dry cleaned
  • Clean all windows inside including any French doors; must be smear free. Have the outside windows cleaned by a window cleaner.
  • Remove mattress protectors, wash and dry according to instructions and replace on the mattresses
  • Clean the front door inside and out
  • Throw away all rubbish within he correct bins, with the lids closed
  • Make sure that all the furniture is in the correct rooms as per the Inventory
  • Fabric sofas to be vacuumed (under cushions as well as on top); Leather sofas to be wiped with minimally damp cloth and vacuumed under the cushions
  • Vacuum entire house, including under the beds and sofas
  • Have carpets professionally cleaned
  • Remove all your personal items
  • Bathroom – clean shower glass with shower cleaner so that there are no water marks, remove hair from wastes, clean any cupboards or drawers inside (with anti-bacterial cleaner) and out, clean sink, bath, towel rail and tiles so no water marks.  Clean toilet and finish with toilet bleach.  Remove shower head and soak it in diluted white vinegar or limescale remover, rinse well and replace.                                                                                                          
  • Wash bathroom floor including behind the toilet – do not leave it sticky!
  • Clean all surfaces including desks, window cills, bannisters, tops of cupboards, picture and dado rails etc
  • Make sure all light bulbs are working and light fittings are clean
  • Garden – cut grass and remove all weeds around the property

As soon as you have vacated the property, we will instruct the Inventory Company to carry out a Check Out Report.  On receipt, we will forward a copy to the Lead Tenant and the Landlord.  We will only deal with the Lead Tenant regarding this.  Assuming that there are no issues, we aim to return the deposit to the Lead Tenant as soon as possible. Your Lead Tenant is then responsible for distributing the deposit to the other Tenants. 




Please read this document carefully to ensure you have understood its contents!


So, you have found a property where you would like to live!

You will be invited to pay a HOLDING DEPOSIT, EQUIVALENT TO ONE WEEK'S RENT to secure the property.

Please do not pay this fee unless we have invited you to do so; by paying the HOLDING DEPOSIT you have agreed to the terms contained within this document. 

Once you have done this, the property will no longer be advertised and we will begin the Referencing Process for you.

The Fee is payable to Fleur Lettings by Bank Transfer and the ACCOUNT DETAILS will be provided to you.

All of our properties are let “as seen” unless otherwise stated. Obviously, the current Tenants personal items and furniture are not included.

If you have any questions or specific requests, please email info@fleurlettings.net as these will need to be discussed with the Landlord and confirmed in writing.

Please refer carefully to the Deadline for Agreement below.


In order to rent a property through Fleur Lettings, there are specific criteria which you will be required to meet:

Ideally you will need to have been employed for a minimum of six months.  We will require either/or a copy of your Contract of Employment along with your most recent payslip, and/or your last 6 months' payslips.    We may also ask for a copy of your latest Bank Statement to verify the salary being paid into a UK Bank Account.

If you are self employed you will need to have a minimum of one year’s accounts. You will need to supply us with your latest year’s Tax Calculations and Tax Year Overviews, and/or we will apply to your Accountant for a written reference.  We may also ask for a copy of your latest Business Bank Statement to verify your turnover, which has been paid into a UK Bank Account.

Your GROSS/PRE-TAX INCOME must be at least 2.5 times the rental amount (combined if more than one Tenant).  For example, if your rent is £750 per month your income will need to be in excess of £1,875 per month before tax.

You will need a clean credit history eg no Country Court Judgements or Bankruptcies, and this will be confirmed via an independent Credit Check.  This search may be stored on your credit report.

If you are currently renting we will request a reference from your current Landlord or Letting Agent; in some circumstances we may also request this information from the previous Landlord or Letting Agent.

We will carry out a RIGHT TO RENT check, and you will be required to provide a copy of your Passport and where applicable documentation to confirm you are allowed to live and work in the UK.   In the event that you do not have a Passport, we will provide you with a list of alternative documentation.  Please ask us for this before you pay your Holding Deposit.

Please let us know immediately if you do not meet any of the above criteria, as your application may still be acceptable if you are able to, for example, provide a GUARANTOR. If you do not meet the referencing criteria and do not have an acceptable Guarantor, it may still be possible to arrange an alternative method of paying the rent eg 3 months in advance initially and then monthly so that you are always 3 months ahead of your rent, but this will be at the discretion of the Landlord.


If you require a Guarantor they must meet the Tenant criteria as above, and the following  additional criteria:

The Guarantor will need to have a GROSS/PRE-TAX INCOME of at least 3 times the rental amount (eg if your rent is £750 per month the Guarantor will need to earn in excess of £2,250 per month before tax).  This is to allow for some of their own living costs.

Guarantors must be resident in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales. Guarantors living in the Channel Islands or abroad are not acceptable.


Once you have paid your HOLDING DEPOSIT, we will provide our Credit Referencing company with the names, email addresses and telephone numbers of all Tenants (and all Guarantors) over 18 years old.

Each person will then receive an on line form to complete and return to our Credit Referencing company. 

This form will need to completed and submitted by every Tenant and Guarantor within 24 hours of receipt.

The Credit Referencing company will provide Fleur Lettings with a Credit Report.

Subject to satisfactory references and credit checks being received, we will agree a MOVE IN DATE.

You will then be sent a STATEMENT OF ACCOUNT which will detail a break down of the Rent Payable and the remaining Deposit due, showing the final balance left for you to pay.  At this stage your HOLDING DEPOSIT becomes part of your overall DEPOSIT.

You will be then required to pay one month’s rent in advance* and a 5 week deposit (unless otherwise agreed) to Fleur Lettings. Please note that this represents part of your Contract with your Landlord and not part of a Holding Deposit or Reservation Fee, and it is payable prior to the Tenancy Agreement being signed. 

* As Rents are due on the 1st of the month in advance, your first payment may be, for example, 6 weeks’ rent to take you to the 1st of the next full month. 

You will be sent your TENANCY AGREEMENT via a system called SIGNABLES.  All Tenants over 18, Guarantors and Landlords MUST sign this document.   It will be sent to each Guarantor and Tenant in order, and once you have signed it, it will be sent to the next person who needs to sign it.  Therefore it is important that when you receive your Tenancy Agreement you sign it and submit it immediately.  This cannot be signed by the Landlord until the previous Tenants have vacated the property.

The TENANCY AGREEMENT provided is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST), where every Tenant and Guarantor is jointly and severally liable for all aspects of the  contract and rent payments. This means that if one Tenant does not pay the rent or causes damage to the property, the other Tenants/Guarantors are responsible for all of the rent or all of the damage.

You will not be allowed to move into the property until all documentation is signed and all funds have been paid in full.

 *** We will keep you up to date throughout the process! ***


Your rent due date is the 1st of every month, and should be received by Fleur Lettings on or before that date.  This allows your rent to clear the banking system in time for your rent due date.

If you are renting as a group (eg Students/House Share) your rent will need to be paid as ONE SUM.  We recommend that you open a separate bank account for your rental payments.  Each individual should then pay in their share of the rent, with just one payment being forwarded to Fleur Lettings in plenty of time to arrive by the due date.  Please note that all members of the group are jointly and severally liable for the rent even if one of the parties has not paid their share.

Where Fleur Lettings manages the property, or carries out a rental collection service for it, you will be asked to set up a STANDING ORDER to the appropriate Bank Account, details of which will be supplied to you. 

If your Landlord will be collecting the rent, we will provide you with the appropriate contact details on the day of move in.


Holding Deposit

Your Holding Deposit will be refunded in the following circumstances :-

  • Where the Landlord decides not to rent out the property
  • Where an agreement is not reached before the DEADLINE FOR AGREEMENT (and you as the Tenant is not at fault)

Your Holding Deposit will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances :-

  • Where information comes to light which materially affects your suitability as a Tenant.
  • This will include, but is not limited to, you providing false or misleading information, you fail a Right to Rent check, your income proves to be insufficient, you fail the Credit Check, you withdraw from the proposed agreement (ie you change your mind about the property and decide not to proceed on it) or you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into an Agreement (ie responding to reasonable requests from Fleur Lettings for information required to progress the Agreement within the Deadline for Agreement)
  • Fleur Lettings will set out in writing to you the reason for our decision to retain the Holding Deposit, within 7 days of our deciding not to enter into the Agreement or the Deadline for Agreement.

Deadline for Agreement

The Deadline for Agreement for both parties is usually 15 days after a Holding Deposit has been received by Fleur Lettings.  However, as part of your Referencing you will be required to confirm that you are happy for this to be longer.  By paying your HOLDING DEPOSIT you agree that the Deadline for Agreement is your intended MOVE IN DATE (or other date agreed in writing).


Government Approved Deposit Scheme

Where Fleur Lettings is managing the property or collecting the rent, we will lodge your Deposit with a Government Approved Deposit Scheme and provide you with the relevant information about this scheme.

If the Landlord has chosen to collect your rent and lodge your deposit, it will be the Landlord’s responsibility to supply you with all the relevant paperwork and to do so within the required time frames.

Regardless of whether Fleur Lettings or your Landlord manages your property, if there is more than one person renting at a particular address, you will be required to nominate a LEAD TENANT.  This person will be the main point of contact for queries or maintenance issues etc. The Lead Tenant will also receive the refunded deposit after you move out, and will be responsible for distributing it to any other Tenants.  Fleur Lettings and your Landlord will only deal with the Lead Tenant in regard to the Deposit and all correspondence must be sent via the Lead Tenant. 

In the unlikely event you wish to change the Lead Tenant, please make this request in writing. All tenants will need to contact us to advise they are happy with the change, before this can be carried out.

Amendments to Tenancy Agreement Requested by the Tenant - £50 (or reasonable costs incurred if higher)

For example, but not limited to, name changes, replacement of one Tenant, new pets (if allowed).

Late Payment of Rent

Please remember that your Landlord has a business to run and may well have a mortgage or other financial outgoings to cover from your rent.  Your late rent can cause problems for your Landlord.

Therefore, if you have a problem with paying your rent, please let us know as soon as possible so that your Landlord is aware of the problem.  Please also let us know your strategy for paying the rent. 

You cannot withhold rent even if you have a maintenance issue with the property.

You cannot use your deposit to pay your last month’s rent.

If your rent is outstanding for more than 14 days from the due date, you will be charged 3% over the Bank of England Base Rate for each day that the payment has been outstanding.

Lost Keys and/or Other Security Devices

If you lose a key or other security device for the property, either during or at the end of your Tenancy, you will be liable for a Default Fee of £50 plus the cost of replacing the key, device, or higher if a complete replacement of the locks or security device is required.  

The Default Fee includes the time spent in rectifying this problem including, but not limited to, visiting or liaising with locksmiths and security companies, checking that any replacement items work.


If Fleur Lettings manages your property we will carry out periodic inspections. Your first inspection will usually be conducted around three months after the start of your Tenancy and, depending on the length of your tenancy, further inspections will then be carried out every four months thereafter, for the duration of the tenancy, unless otherwise stipulated by the Landlord.  Re-inspections may be required more frequently than this, if the property is not in a satisfactory condition.

We will give you at least 48 notice of these inspections in writing. 

If you are unable to make the inspection or need to re arrange the appointment, please can you provide a minimum of 24 hours notice in writing.

As part of our responsibility to your Landlord, we will take general photograph(s) and/or video(s) of each room, and if necessary close up photograph(s) and/or video(s) of any issues which need to be dealt with.   We recommend that you put away any personal information or items prior to the inspection.

Your Landlord will pay for the cost of these inspections.

Tenancy Renewals

Will be paid by the Landlord.



Terminating Your Tenancy

When you wish to move home and terminate your Tenancy Agreement, you will need to inform Fleur Lettings (or your Landlord if not managed by Fleur Lettings) in writing,  with a minimum notice period of one month before your Tenancy ends.  

Once you have given notice, or within 2 months of the end date of your Tenancy, Fleur Lettings is allowed to arrange accompanied viewings to prospective Tenants at the property.  We will give you at least 24 hours notice in writing and viewings will be at reasonable hours. Out of courtesy to your Landlord, would you be kind enough to make your property as clean and tidy as possible.

Early Termination of the Tenancy (requested by the Tenant and IF agreed with the Landlord)

The costs resulting from a Tenant’s decision to leave will usually represent a loss to the Landlord by way of, for example, additional costs for re-advertising and referencing.  The costs charged for Early Termination will not exceed the loss incurred by the Landlord.

You will continue to be responsible for your full rent until the end of your Tenancy Agreement unless agreed otherwise in writing by all parties. 

Returning Keys

It is the Tenant’s responsibility to return their keys to Fleur Lettings on of before the last date of the Tenancy Agreement.

Return ALL door keys and security devices (eg alarm fobs) by RECORDED DELIVERY to FLEUR LETTINGS at the address below.  If they are sent by standard mail, we will not be held responsible for any loss of keys.  We will require proof of postage if they are posted on the last day of your contract by email to info@fleurlettings.net.  Our address and the date of postage must be clearly visible.

Please sellotape the keys to a piece of stiff cardboard, and carefully wrap any security devices.  Do NOT put the property address in the communication, but confirm your SURNAME and the HOUSE NUMBER ONLY (DO NOT INCLUDE THE ROAD NAME!) to our office address below. 

If we do not receive all of keys and security devices which were originally provided for the property within 48 hours of your tenancy end date, you will be liable for the cost of lost keys or security devices as contained within this document.  This decision regarding changing the locks will be at the Landlord’s sole discretion.

   t     01202 001080

     e    info@fleurlettings.net


      Fleur Lettings is the trading name of Fleur Lettings Ltd, 

registered in England and Wales under number 13590575.

Registered Office Birdlip, Christchurch Road, Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 8TA


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