A. HOLDING DEPOSIT - per property

You will be invited to pay a HOLDING DEPOSIT equivalent to one week's rent for the property to secure it, based on the advertised price.   Once you have been accepted this will form part of your 5 weeks' Deposit.

Your Holding Deposit will be refunded in the following circumstances :-

  • Where the Landlord decides not to rent out the property
  • Where an agreement is not reached before the DEADLINE FOR AGREEMENT (and you as the Tenant is not at fault)

Your Holding Deposit will NOT be refunded in the following circumstances :-

  • Where information comes to light which materially affects your suitability as a Tenant.
  • This will include, but is not limited to, you providing false or misleading information, you fail a Right to Rent check, your income proves to be insufficient, you fail the Credit Check, you withdraw from the proposed agreement (ie you change your mind about the property and decide not to proceed on it) or you fail to take all reasonable steps to enter into an Agreement (ie responding to reasonable requests from Fleur Lettings for information required to progress the Agreement within the Deadline for Agreement)
  • Fleur Lettings will set out in writing to you the reason for our decision to retain the Holding Deposit, within 7 days of our deciding not to enter into the Agreement or the Deadline for Agreement


Your Deposit will be the equivalent of 5 weeks' rent and will be held securely with the Deposit Protection Scheme.

C. LATE PAYMENT OF RENT - per property

Please remember that your Landlord has a business to run and may well have a mortgage or other financial outgoings to cover from your rent.  Your late rent can cause problems for your Landlord.

Therefore, if you have a problem with paying your rent, please let us know as soon as possible so that your Landlord is aware of the problem.  Please also let us know your strategy for paying the rent. 

You cannot withhold rent even if you have a maintenance issue with the property.

You cannot use your deposit to pay your last month’s rent.

If your rent is outstanding for more than 14 days from the due date, you will be charged 3% over the Bank of England Base Rate for each day that the payment has been outstanding.  The current Bank of England Base Rate can be found here BANK OF ENGLAND BASE RATE

D. EARLY TERMINATION OF THE TENANCY (requested by the Tenant and IF agreed with the Landlord) - per property

The costs resulting from a Tenant’s decision to leave will usually represent a loss to the Landlord by way of, for example, additional costs for re-advertising and referencing. The costs charged for Early Termination will not exceed the loss incurred by the Landlord.

You will continue to be responsible for your full rent until the end of your Tenancy Agreement unless agreed otherwise in writing by all parties. 

E. VARIATION OF TENANCY (for example, Adding or Removing a Tenant during the Tenancy) - per property 

A flat fee of £50 to handle the administration of issuing a new Tenancy.


If you lose a key or other security device for the property, either during or at the end of your Tenancy, you will be liable for a Default Fee of £50 plus the cost of replacing the key, device, or higher if a complete replacement of the locks or security device is required.  

The Default Fee includes the time spent in rectifying this problem including, but not limited to, visiting or liaising with locksmiths and security companies, checking that any replacement items work.

If you lock yourself out in office hours (Monday-Friday 10am-4pm) you will charged a flat fee of £25 to let you in.  If you lock yourself out outside of these hours,  you will be responsible for the cost of a locksmith. 

G. COMMISSIONS - per transaction

From time to time we may receive commissions from 3rd Parties.

i) We use a third party to notify Utilities/Council Tax at the start of your Tenancy.  This third party pays us between £0 and £18 for this service, and may contact you with offers on services such as Broadband etc.  You are not obliged to take any of their offers and our payment is not dependent on you taking up such offers. 

ii) As part of your referencing process we use a third party.  This third party offers a Tenants Contents, Extended Accidental Damage and Tenant' Liability Insurance policy.  You are not obliged to take this policy (although we would strongly recommend that you carefully consider the benefits of this policy for you); if you take out a policy we will receive 20% of the premium (after Insurance Premium Tax has been deducted).  For example, for a £10 premium we would receive c £1.76; our average commission is £2.75 per month. They also offer other services such as Broadband; you are not obliged to take out your Broadband with them, but if you decide it is beneficial to you, we would receive a one off payment of c £15.

Whilst Fleur Lettings Ltd does not charge VAT, third parties may do so.


Our fees are tailored to our Landlords and will be dependent on the type of Tenancy, the number of properties we manage for you, the rent receivable and the services you require. CALL US TO DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS IN MORE DETAIL!



10% of the monthly rental income subject to a minimum monthly fee of £85

This is our most popular offering and provides Landlords with a comprehensive and cost effective service, with lots of discounts!  


8% of the monthly rental income subject to a minimum monthly fee of £75


60% of the first month's rent subject to a minimum fee of £675

SIDES - ADDITIONAL FEES which may be charged to the Landlord, which include VAT for third parties where applicable                                                                                                                        


Fleur Lettings will prepare a Tenancy Agreement as provided by UKALA. 

MAIN COURSE a la carte – New Agreements £75.

     Renewals (and Amendments requested by the Landlord will be charged at a reduced fee of £50.

MAIN COURSE simple – New Agreements £100.

     Renewals (and Amendments requested by the Landlord) will be charged at a reduced fee of £75.

STARTERS – New Agreements £125.  Renewals (and Amendments requested by the Landlord) will be charged at a reduced fee of £75.

Amendments to Tenancy Agreements produced elsewhere are not possible and Fleur Lettings will charge £75 for a new Agreement.

RIGHT TO RENT – when a new Tenancy Agreement is created, we will charge £10 per Tenant for non British Passport holders, to review

their legal status.



£45 per Tenant over 18 years of age (or Guarantor, where required)

This includes:-

                Open Banking Report showing conduct, income and expenditure

                Credit Referencing

                Reference from current Landlord

                Reference from employer

                On-line identity validation

                Full Right to Rent checks

Where required, we may ask for additional information.


3. LANDLORDS RENT AND LEGAL PROTECTION                                                                       

We may be able to offer a policy for Legal Cover and/or Rent Arrears through the referencing service.

For peace of mind, you may wish to take out a policy which could cover, for example

     Rent paid until vacant possession achieved

     £75,000 legal expenses to pursue eviction for any breach of tenancy

Example premiums from £270 per annum (correct as at 19th May 2023).

We charge a £50 administration fee in addition to the premium.                                               



You MUST have specific Buildings Insurance for Tenanted properties.  If you have ordinary household insurance, any 

claim would be invalid.         

We can arrange for Willowlace Ltd to provide a comparative Landlord Building Insurance quote. Fleur Lettings Ltd does not receive commission for this.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your property is insured properly at all times.



At Fleur Lettings we believe that floorplans are really useful to your prospective new Tenants, and work to promote your property.

We charge a fee of £10 per plan (free to MAIN MENU - a la carte Landlords)

May not be available out of area. 


6. INVENTORIES                                                                                                                                                             

From 6th April 2007, Landlords are required to have an Inventory/Schedule of Condition prepared prior to letting your property.   We will make all

of the necessary arrangements for this service.                                                                                                             

The prices below include the number of bedrooms stated, plus one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom.  The Additional Room charge is for

eg Conservatories, Dining Rooms, additional bathrooms etc.

                                                       UNFURNISHED           FURNISHED

Studio & 1 Bed                             £85                               £90

2 Bed                                             £95                               £100

3 Bed                                             £110                             £120

4 Bed                                             £125                             £135

5 Bed                                             £145                             £155

6 Bed                                             £155                            £165

Additional Rooms                        £12                              £18             

(This service is provided by a third party and prices are subject to change – prices correct as at 19th May 2023.  These prices are for local properties – we will provide our Out of Area Landlords with a specific quotation for inventories, if they exceed the above rates.)


7. CHECK INS                                                                                                                                                                                                      


Meeting your New Tenant at the property

Showing the Tenant locations for eg stop cock, meters etc

Providing the Tenant with their Move In Pack

Obtaining signatures for keys provided

Obtaining signatures for proof that smoke detectors and carbon

Check Carbon Monoxide detectors are working at the time of check in

Physical proof of ID for Right to Rent

MAIN COURSE a la carte£25  

MAIN COURSE simple £50


for any sized property



We will carry out a property inspection approximately every 4 months ie 3 times a year.                                                             

These visits enable us to check that the Tenant is looking after your property under the terms of their Tenancy Agreement, and may be

useful in the event of a Deposit Dispute.

We will provide you with a detailed report which will include information on the condition of your property, with relevant photographs and

details of any visible maintenance issues. 

We also check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms; if we find the batteries are not working, we will replace the batteries at a cost of

£10 per alarm.  

These visits should not be relied upon to pick up any structural defects, and do not include lofts, basements, the moving of furniture,

lifting of carpets etc.  Only problems which are visible and apparent will be reported.

Each inspection will be charged at a cost of £45.         

Re-inspections (if there are issues which need revisiting), will be at a reduced fee of £25.

OUT OF AREA Landlords – will remain responsible for performing these Inspections. 



These are usually performed by the company which did the initial inventory.

Check Out Reports are essential to ensure that the Tenant has left your property in a good condition and to support any deduction from their

deposit in the event of any damage.

                                                       UNFURNISHED           FURNISHED

Studio & 1 Bed                             £85                               £90                                                                    

2 Bed                                             £95                               £100

3 Bed                                             £110                             £120

4 Bed                                             £125                             £135

5 Bed                                             £145                             £155

6 Bed                                             £155                            £165

Additional Rooms                        £12                              £18             

(This service is provided by a third party and prices are subject to change – prices correct as at 19th May 2023.  These prices are for local properties – we will provide our Out of Area Landlords with a specific quotation for inventories, if they exceed the above rates.)



We have a fantastic Maintenance System, through which your Tenant can report any problems, providing details and photographs where necessary.

The system even sends your Tenant information on how to deal with items for which they are responsible.   

The system acknowledges receipt of the problem and keeps all parties updated on the progress.

As a Landlord this system informs you of issues enabling you to liaise with us to, for example, obtain quotations, instruct works etc and we encourage you to use the system as it helps to protect you in the event of any disputes.  

MAIN COURSE a la carte and MAIN COURSE simple - FREE OF CHARGE - of course we remain available to discuss any issues over the phone

STARTERS - £15 per month

If there is an EMERGENCY at your property eg broken window/door, water leak etc we will endeavour to contact you first.  However, if we are

unable to contact you, we will arrange for emergency works to be carried out immediately to protect you, your property and your Tenant without

your prior approval.  You will be responsible for any emergency costs and by signing this Agreement, indemnify Fleur Lettings for these costs.

These can be paid for through the next month’s rent unless they exceed this sum in which case reimbursement is due in full immediately upon

presentation of the Invoices.  We will charge £40 per hour or part thereof if these emergencies fall outside of normal working hours (Monday-

Friday 9am-5pm).

We will charge you a fee of 10% on top of the cost of any works we arrange using our Contractors.

If you wish to use your own Contractors, but wish us to liaise with the Tenant and Contractors, Fleur Lettings will charge a fee of £20 per hour AFTER the first hour. 



Deposit Lodging                                                                                                    

To comply with the legal regulations that came into effect on 6th April 2007, it is mandatory to protect Tenant Deposits within a Government authorised scheme. 

STARTERS - The Landlord is legally responsible to lodge the Deposit in an authorised scheme themselves within 30 days of receipt of the deposit.

MAIN COURSE Simple and A La Carte - Fleur Lettings has a legal obligation to ensure that the deposit is lodged in an authorised scheme.                                                                         

Our charge for this is £45 for the initial Tenancy, and an Annual Fee for maintaining this of £10 per annum.

Preparation of Deposit Release 

If there are no deductions to be made, there is no charge for arranging the release of the deposit.

If there are deductions we will charge £40 and perform the following :-

  • Collation of documents to support the claim
  • Collation of estimates for works/repairs/replacements
  • Advice on eg fair wear and tear vs damage, the costs which the
  • adjudicator (below) would be likely to approve etc
  • Initial discussion with the Tenant to see if an agreement can be
  • reached
  • If not, submission to the Government authorised scheme for their
  • adjudication service to make a decision
  • Return of the deposit to the Landlord and the Tenant as agreed or
  • required by the adjudicator
  • Statutory Declarations

If a Tenant fails to respond to the request for the release of their Deposit to the Landlord, or refuses to acknowledge a dispute, we will

apply to the Deposit Protection Scheme (or other Government authorised scheme where the deposit is lodged) for a “Letting

Agent Statutory Declaration” in order for your Tenant’s Deposit to be released to you.  

This document needs to be witnessed by a Solicitor, Commissioner for Oaths or a Magistrate.

If this is necessary, we will provide you with a quotation from a solicitor (which is usually in the region of £10).  We will charge a

fee of £25 to arranging this appointment, completion of the relevant documentation, for attending the solicitor to have the documentation

witnessed and then returning it to the deposit scheme.



Fleur Lettings will be pleased to arrange for extra keys to be  cut for your property. 

Key Cutting & Checking the Keys Work costs £15 in addition to the cost of cutting the keys

We will require a full set of Keys and Alarm Fobs for EACH TENANT plus an additional set for Fleur Lettings.                                                                                                                      

If the Tenant has lost the keys or fobs the cost for replacing them is payable by the Tenant.  



We will need to confirm that you own the property you have asked us to rent out.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Land Registry Title Certificate cost is £10*

Alternatively you can provide Fleur Lettings with a copy of the Land Registry Title within 14 days of signing the Landlord Agent Agreement.

The Landlord confirms that if there is a change of ownership or disposal of this property, they undertake to provide details of this to Fleur Lettings 

at the earliest possible opportunity.

*If there are delays in your Title being registered with the Land Registry (for example if you have recently purchased the property), we will require

another proof of ownership, for example a Completion Statement and accompanying letter from your Conveyancer.



It is a legal obligation that your property MUST have a valid Energy Performance Certificate before It can be marketed.

An EPC lasts for 10 years and is visible on the Government’s EPC Register.

Your property MUST currently have an EPC of E or above, and is subject to potential changes in the future. 

If this changes, Landlords will need a new EPC to show the correct rating.

Energy Performance Certificate cost is £80.  

Whilst Landlords are not currently required to update the EPC if the same Tenant remains, it is strongly recommended to have an up to date EPC in place at

all times, in case notice of eviction needs to be served. 



The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 apply to all domestic properties. Under this Act Landlords MUST have all gas equipment safety

checked by a qualified person, and must maintain the boiler properly, and to keep records of the work carried out on the appliances and boiler.

These records must be available to the Tenant at the beginning of the Tenancy, and kept up to date during the Tenancy. 

Gas Safety Certificate and Boiler Service cost is £110.                                                                                                                                             

The Landlord undertakes to provide Fleur Lettings with a valid and up to date Gas Safety Certificate along with proof of Boiler Service at all times.

If the Landlord fails to provide this 7 days BEFORE the expiration of the Previous Gas Safety Certificate and Boiler service Fleur Lettings will

arrange for this to be carried out and the Landlord will be charged the fee as above.   


16. ELECTRICAL SAFETY CHECK - MAXIMUM 5 YEAR INTERVALS                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 came into force for all new Tenancies from 1st July

2020, and for all existing Tenancies from 1st April 2021.  THE PENALTY FOR NON-COMPLIANCE BY LANDLORDS is up to £30,000.

Landlords must ensure that a valid satisfactory electrical safety check is held BEFORE the commencement of a new tenancy.

The reports must be carried out at intervals of no more than 5 years, although the electrician may have indicated a shorter timeframe to

which Landlords must adhere.  The report must be carried out by a professionally qualified electrician who is a member of one of the

approved professional bodies eg NICEIC.  In addition, there are Statutory deadlines for any repairs required in the report.

If smaller electrical repairs are carried out, Landlords will need to provide Fleur Lettings with the appropriate certificate ie Part P.

We will NOT be able to finalise a move in date for your new Tenant without holding a copy of a valid certificate.  

Fleur Lettings will arrange for an Electrical Installation Inspection if the Landlord does not provide one to us within 7 days or the expiry of any existing certificate.

Studio, 1 bed

2 Bed

3 bed

4 Bed

5 Bed

6 bed





Our service does NOT include the supervision of unoccupied properties.

This includes periods where the property is unoccupied before a Tenant moves in, between Tenancies and after a Tenant has vacated the property.

It is essential that you inform your Insurance Company of unoccupied periods.

We can provide the following service if your property is empty:-

  • Visit the property weekly, logging visits and notifying you
  • of any issues.  Please note that these will only be those visible
  • and apparent
  • Collect and forward your post (to another UK address)
  • Check all doors and windows are locked

The cost for this is £30 per week plus 45p per mile (from the office to the property).  



It is the Landlord’s responsibility to maintain an open chimney, including having this swept before a new Tenant moves in and annually thereafter.

We will need to hold a copy of the invoice as proof that this has been done.

If you have an open chimney, you may wish to consider speaking to a specialist about blocking this up to avoid any problems with it.

Fleur Lettings can organise a quotation for the chimney to be swept.  

We will charge 10% of the cost to arrange this for you.





If the property is sold (or ownership is transferred) with the Tenant we introduced remaining in situ, we would expect the new owner to sign a copy of this Agreement.  Where this is not done, you as the original Landlord agree to pay Fleur Lettings the Management Fee agreed within this contract until the end of the current tenancy, subject to a 6 month written notice period.   If the current Tenant is on a periodic or rolling contract this will be subject to a 6 month written notice period beginning from the next rent due date and is subject to a 

Minimum fee of £675


Fleur Lettings will honour the VAT free period for 12 months from the date of this Landlord Agent Agreement.  After that time, VAT will be payable at the prevailing rate.

Whilst it is unlikely, Fleur Lettings reserves the right to vary the quoted fee rate during the period of this agreement by giving 2 months’ notice in writing of our intention to do so.  This may be provided by post or email. 

Third party contractors may charge you VAT, even where Fleur Lettings is offering a VAT free period.

3rd Parties may also increase their fees subsequent to the signing of this Landlord Agent Agreement.  Fleur Lettings reserves the right to increase these fees accordingly, but will provide confirmation of any increase before instructing 3rd parties.


Where Fleur Lettings arranges external services or insurances, we may earn commission.  You agree to forego any right to this.  If we arrange for the sale of your property with a third party, they may pay us, for example 0.25% of their commission.  For example if the property sold for £100,000 and the third party charged you 1%, we would receive £250.


If you have chosen MAIN COURSE – SIMPLE (Tenant Find & Rent Collection) or MAIN COURSE – A LA CARTE (Tenant Find, Rental Collection and Full Management) and the Tenant pays the rent in full in advance, we will pay you on a monthly basis.

If you have chosen STARTERS (Tenant Find Only) and the Tenant pays in full in advance, we will pay you the full rent less our fees.


If the Tenant(s) introduced by Fleur Lettings (either currently living in the property or who have lived in the property in the previous 12 months but have moved elsewhere) purchase your property, Fleur Lettings will charge a commission of 1% of the negotiated purchase price, as a fair price for the effective introduction of the Buyer. The fee is payable upon completion of such sale regardless of whether or not negotiations have been carried out by Fleur Lettings or other parties.  If Fleur Lettings sells your property to a third party on your behalf, a fee of 1% will be charged.  All fees will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.


We hope that your Tenant pay on time. In the event that they do not, they have 14 days to pay after which we can apply a charge of 3% above the Bank of England Base Rate for each day it is late from the day it was due.

The current Bank of England Base rate can be found here BANK OF ENGLAND BASE RATE

If we become aware of any other breaches of the Tenancy Agreement, we will inform you by email.  If it becomes necessary to take legal action, you will be responsible for instructing a solicitor and for all fees arising. 

You may wish to take specific insurance for this, and Fleur Lettings can provide you with a quotation for that.

If you require Fleur Lettings to attend court as witnesses there will be a charge of £85 per hour plus reasonable expenses and disbursements.  


Fees and Commissions become payable where Fleur Lettings introduces a Tenant, whether or not the Landlord proceeds with Fleur Lettings as the Letting Agent. 

The fees are confirmed by signing this Agreement and will be payable by the Landlord to Fleur Lettings and will be subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.  

There is a minimum fee of £850 for any introduction.  This Fee, plus any other standard costs which have been incurred by Fleur Lettings, are due if the Landlord withdraws from a prospective Tenancy Agreement once Fleur Lettings has obtained references which pass the referencing guidelines.


We would like to continue to do business with you long term!  However, if you are thinking of terminating this Agreement, please talk to us first to see if we can help you.

In the sad event that you do decide to leave us, the following will apply: -

Fixed Term AST (either the original AST or a renewed AST) – the fees are due until the end of this AST, after which a 6 months’ notice period will be required in writing* and is subject to a minimum fee of £850.

Periodic (rolling) tenancy - the fees remain due on any until that Tenant(s) vacates the property or with a 6 month written notice period subject to a minimum fee of £850.

*the notice period starts on the next rent due date following receipt of your request to terminate the contract. 


Whilst Fleur Lettings Ltd does not charge VAT, third parties may do so.


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